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Blue Water

Bottom Lift

It’s important not to hinge the diaphragm area that’s a common beginner mistake. It’s not uncommon to feel a hamstring cramp this would be a positional change in the bones as opposed to a cramp from a lack of minerals. Number three is the most important and subtle you want to milk that maybe take two or three exhales as you go down.

Bottom Lift Starting Position
Bottom Lift Position 1
Bottom Lift Position 2
Bottom Lift Position 3
Bottom Lift Position 4
Water Ripples

Knee Folds

These are the most subtle of these three exercises. it’s important to relax in between the attempts to move through your core, really your psoas muscle. Trying to bring the second knee up is the focus of the exercise without pooching your belly. When you move through your core it is a feeling of ease.

Knee Folds Starting Position
Knee Folds, What NOT to Do
Knee Folds Position 1
Knee Folds Position 2
Knee Folds Position 3
Knee Folds Position 4

The cat seems simple enough but I noticed it’s difficult for people to coordinate the motion with the breath. Especially if the diaphragm is hung up. Remember in number two it’s not a camel keep the back flat.


Cat Exercises

Cat Starting Position
1) Exhale, rise into high arch cat
2) Inhale, uncurl tail to head and lengthen to flat back
3) Exhale, head and tail come together as base of rib cage goes skyward
4) Inhale, return to starting, keeping greyhound loin
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