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Acupuncture Treatment

Musculoskeletal Pain

  • Certifications & Specialties
    Warren Miles is a pioneer in providing safe, effective, and meaningful acupuncture to people with acute and chronic pain. Additionally, this pain could be from vehicle accidents or sports injuries. So as a PA Licensed and Nationally Board Certified Acupuncturist, Warren performs structural acupuncture, which is an innovative treatment in the healing of musculoskeletal disorders. He developed this style utilizing several different healing modalities over the last two decades of study in Structural Integration (Rolfing®); Spinal Mechanics; Visceral Manipulation; Neural Manipulation; and Acupuncture.
  • Acupuncture Credentials
    Warren received a Master of Science in Acupuncture (MSAC) from Tri-State College of Acupuncture in New York City, achieving honors in Kiiko Matsumoto’s Japanese style. Tri-State is one of the oldest acupuncture colleges in the US. Its founder, Mark Seem, developed Acupuncture Physical Medicine (APM), a highly effective style of acupuncture. It combines Janet Travell’s trigger point therapy as well as a French Vietnamese meridian style.
  • The Miles Method®
    Warren has training in motor-point technique a highly successful western therapy developed in the United States. Furthermore, motor-point therapy utilizes a gentle electric stimulation to individual muscles via acupuncture needles. So this stimulation “resets” the tension in the muscle via your nervous system. Similar in appearance to Transdermal Electrical Stimulation (TENS), motor point technique may only be performed by board certified state licensed acupuncturists as they utilize acupuncture needles to connect with the motor-point beneath the skin. Highly effective at bringing swift relief to tense painful conditions, often misunderstood by other healthcare providers, Warren’s “Miles Method®” is the keystone to his safe and effective approach.
  • Experienced Rolfer
    Warren is also a Certified Advanced Rolfer with over twenty years’ experience, training at the distinguished Rolf Institute Of Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado. Additionally, he is a Pilates instructor with countless hours of personalized and group instruction with many teachers over the years. Teachers including Master Teacher, Karen Carlson in Allentown, PA in the 1990′s, and also in Philadelphia.
  • Alternative Healthcare Clinic
    Warren opened the first Pilates studio in the Lehigh Valley area over a decade ago, and has many years of experience and depth of biomechanics. Continuing to expand his method of acupuncture as an alternative to traditional healthcare, he has plans to teach his Miles Method® to acupuncturists and certify them in the very near future.
  • Saucon Valley Acupuncture Celebrating 20 Years
    Warren’s first certification came in October 1993 after completing a month-long bodywork training. Not long after that the summer of 1994 he completed his Rolf and Rolf Movement certification in Boulder, Colorado. It was in the late summer of that year that he started his practice in Allentown, staying there for 18 years until his recent move to Hellertown where he launched Saucon Valley Acupuncture.
  • No Luck with Traditional Healthcare
    I had time and money for treatment, and an excellent health plan I personally picked for myself. I went to many different chiropractors, osteopaths, physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, massage therapists, and other medical professionals. I was desperate and looking hard for a way to relieve my pain. For two years I was in chronic pain, with many acute episodes. I could not ski (my lifelong passion) for two years. Besides pain pills, the only other option my health plan would cover was surgery. I put it off for over two years and when I did have the procedure to remove protruding disc material, the disc re-herniated three months later.
  • Introduction to Rolfing
    The surgeons were then offering epidural injection, fusion, and more pain medications. I was in pretty low spirits when a friend mentioned Rolfing therapy. I was immediately intrigued and started my series with Kevin Frank at his Holderness, New Hampshire studio in January of 1992. My Rolfing series was so dramatic and transformative, I started studying human anatomy, physiology and kinesiology (the study of human movement) to prepare myself for the rigors of entry to Rolf Institute training.
  • Studying at the Rolf Institute
    I moved to Boulder, Colorado after being accepted to study at the Rolf Institute in the fall of ‘92. While living in Boulder I discovered a whole new world of effective efficient bodywork, movement therapies, and acupuncture not known to western medicine and chiropractic therapies. In between classes at the Institute I would get acupuncture, attend Pilates instruction and visit many bodywork practitioners in the area.
  • Opening the Rolfing Practice
    I moved back to the East Coast in the summer of 1994 and started my Rolfing therapy practice in Allentown. I continued my Pilates training with Master Teacher Karen Carlson in Allentown for several years, and give her a majority of the credit (with my diligent practice) in totally removing my low back pain, where traditional treatments could not help. I started teaching the fundamentals of Pilates to my patients, acquiring the complete Pilates equipment as a means to get people to properly achieve the rigors of the Pilates mat routine.
  • Outdoor Lifestyle Restored
    Now functioning at peak condition from my work I returned to my outdoor active lifestyle that was taken from me in my twenties. I started skiing again and took up snowboarding, and even went back to mountain biking and standup jet skiing. A few injuries (whiplash from being rear ended and broken fibula from snowboarding) led me to the Gyrotonic training in late 1999.
  • Rolfing Classes
    Furthering my knowledge base as a Rolfer, I enrolled in continuing education classes with Liz Gaggini’s, “The Biomechanics of Alignment” in early 2000. These series of classes were fundamental in helping me organize the biomechanics with the nervous system in subsequent years. In addition to these classes, I also did visceral manipulation classes with Liz. As a rolfing therapist, I still use these techniques with my patients today.
  • Learning Acupuncture
    Always interested in improving my knowledge and skill set, I chose to study at Tri-State College of Acupuncture in New York City. I understood their “hands on acupuncture styles” main curriculum would meld well with my knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology and bodywork, as well as my Pilates and Gyrotonic® movement therapy. We start needling in the first of three years of study and continue through all years, giving the school the reputation of being an acupuncturist’s school; most schools across the country don’t start needling till the last year of study. In addition, we learned to utilize Janet Travell’s trigger-point work, a highly successful western therapy (made in the USA!) that was essential in relieving my chronic neck pain. Kiiko Matsumoto’s Japanese style acupuncture has reflex points with corresponding treatment points. Again a hands on approach for many western lifestyle diseases such as blood sugar imbalance, adrenal overload, hormonal imbalance, hypertension, and structural imbalances as well. After graduation in the spring of 2006, I attended advanced Rolfing classes, conferring the coveted Certified Advanced Rolfer (CAR) status later that year. Continuing education for the NCCAOM consisted of Kiiko Matsumoto courses conducted locally in Pennsylvania.
  • Creating the Miles Method®
    Since graduating I have developed my own acupuncture system by combining the “The Meta Balance of the Bones” (MBB) and the nervous system. This system has no peers; it is totally new and is what sets me apart from other acupuncturists. I plan to teach this system to other acupuncturists and certify them in “The Miles Method®” this fall. The Miles Method® is an officially registered trademark.
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Acupuncture Therapy

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